I guess life is full of surprises. Today I am somewhere but tomorrow I might not be. We have to live with the unexpected. It’s also what makes it exciting.

I haven’t been writing a lot on this blog lately because I guess I had other things to do. Let’s be honest. But I still love creating new content. It just takes time sometimes to find the right people to help you. I took a bunch of pictures here in Hamburg in a very automny atmosphere even though it’s winter. The colors came out gorgeous. Even though trees are loosing something, it’s a season of renewal and joy.

Coming here was like that for me. It’s a new start with new people. It’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and see that the life we’re living is not what we want. It takes a lot of courage and often brings sadness to make difficult decisions of leaving some people behind. But the feeling of renewal is worth it.

With that said I hope you are all doing well.

All pictures were taken from @alrevon (instagram)

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