Water has such a soothing effect. I’m not sure what makes it so special but it’s definitely one of nature’s treasures. It always feels nice having a little moment away from all the stressful things in life and reflect on what’s important. I currently have all these questions in my mind mostly concerning happiness and what defines happiness. It’s funny how social media always depicts people happy and very positive but one must remember life is not a constant, one can be happy one day and sad the other. But perspectives are important. If you keep a positive thinking things will seem less terrible. I’ll admit I’m more on the negative side of things but I work on that every day. Some say we choose to be happy. For me happiness is when I feel fulfilled and am surrounded by the people I love. It sounds cheesy but surrounding yourself with loving people is very important. What do you think happiness is?

Photos are by Anna Ricca

Dress: Calvin Klein Jeans
Top: Primark
Bag: No Brand
Sunglasses: No Brand
Necklace: No Brand
Shoes: Minelli

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