Hello beautiful people, I hope you are all doing well.

I’ve made these pictures a while back but realised I hadn’t post them on the blog yet so here we are. I like to think of this outfit as the perfect working day outfit. A little trench coat always gives that little vibe. I love the form of these heals, I think they’re really elegant, but not always the best to stand in at a cocktail party (talking from experience). I love heals in general but they’re so uncomfortable I’m usually in pain after half an hour. If you have any secrets on wearing heals, please let me know.

Hope you enjoy these few pictures. I don’t look super content on them but the sun was up in my eyes, I promise i’m not grumpy.

Photos by Anna Ricca

Top: Naf Naf
Jeans: Kookai
Shoes: Zara
Trenchcoat: Maddison (Manor)
Bag: Essentiel (Antwerp)

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