Hi guys, you know how we’re always looking around the internet for new advice to look better. Well today, I’m about to blow your mind with some crazy advice you never thought you needed.

Want to look elegant, chic, laid back or a little flirty, here are six ways you can sit on a sofa.

Number 1: The scissors
This posture will take about half to three/quarters of a sofa. The best would be to be sitting on the whole thing by yourself. To pull of this sit, put yourself a bit sideways and just pull appart the bottom half of your legs. You’ll look good and comfortable. Enjoy your evening.

Number 2: The sit-up scissors
Very similar to the previous sit, this one allows you to show a bit more skin if needed. Proceed as before but let your feet touch the ground and keep your back straight. Oh you look so elegant!

Number 3: The romantic
You want to look all cute and romantic? This is the way to sit. Your legs are gently crossed, your hand is sitting on your leg and your eyes are kind. If you want to add to this sit, smile like everyone around you is nice.

Number 4: I don’t care what you’re saying
So now you’re a bit tired of listening to the person next to you talking about her hair and how her hairdresser cut it all wrong. Take a chill posture to forget you’re in a bad posture. Lay your legs across the sofa, don’t be scared to be rude and make yourself comfortable. Then, just put one leg on top so you still look like you’re an elegant person -which you stopped being a while ago-.

Number 5: Oulala
Oulala you’re in a deep conversation. You’re concentrated because the person is talking about a new fast food and you want to know all about it. Cross your legs like you would normally do, then flip them both to the side. Add the hand to reduce the 3D calf effect -meaning when your calf looks three times its size due to it squashed-.

Number 6: The end
It’s the end of the night. You’re tipsy, you don’t care and you’re about to go try that fast food place. Time to lay on the sofa like you’re in your living room. And bottoms up. Cheers!

Dress: Kookaï
Shoes: Minelli

Photos by Denise Lapaire

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